Beyond Willpower, Determination & Positive Thinking

Are you frustrated and flat out exhausted from repeating a self sabotaging pattern or behaviour?

Chances are you’ve tried just about everything else out there. You’ve gotten really clear on what needs to change and have willpower & determination coming out of the wazoo.

And yet here you are — still or again — staring at Groundhog Day down both barrels.

If you are still struggling to achieve the results you want no matter how hard you try, then you have come to the right place!

Scientific research now reveals that 97% of all cognitive activity — how we live our lives, behave in relationships and conduct business — is in fact (sub)conscious. Therefore, in order to successfully change the printout of your life, it is vitally important to know how to identify and transform the causal factors held at the (sub)conscious level of mind.

OOMPHATICO™ works exclusively with clients who are seeking highspeed mindset change — delivering efficient, effective and conclusive results through an elite process of subconscious reprogramming.

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